Safire 2000 Cottage Heater

Product no.: 12200-0001 (Väri: Valkoinen)

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Safire 2000 

Good up to 40m2.

In addition to the device, you need a fuel tank and a chimney passage or a wall lead-through.

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Väri: Valkoinen
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Väri: Musta
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Product Note Status Price
Safire Fuel Tank 30L Safire Fuel Tank 30L
35.00 €
Safire Wall Lead-through Safire Wall Lead-through
245.00 €
Safire Roof Lead-trough kit. Safire Roof Lead-trough kit.
50.00 €
Safire 1287B GSM Remote Control Unit Safire 1287B GSM Remote Control Unit
290.00 €
Safire Basic Control Panel Safire Basic Control Panel
150.00 €
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