Victron Inverter 375W

Product no.: 09375 1-0001 (Jännitesyöttö: 12V)

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Victron sine wave inverter is of the best possible quality. You can see these Victron inverters in professional use in e.g. firetrucks, ambulances and police cars. You can give it double load for 5 minutes. The inverter is switched off under excessive load but does not break as a "cheap inverter". A Victron inverter generates cleaner and more even electricity with processor technology than you get from an from home. In other words, all the most sensitive devices can be connected to the inverter. Computer, tablet, mobile phone, micro, TV, battery tools are the most widely used devices with a Victron inverter. And best of all, the inverter set to echo mode goes into standby mode when the load falls below the set value. The unit is switched on every few seconds (can be set) and checks if the load has increased. We only get positive feedback from Victron Inverters.



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