Wallas 22GB biodiesel / diesel 2.5kW boat heater

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New more powerful Wallas 22GB!
 2.2 kW diesel heater for the environmentally conscious boater!

The new Wallas 22GB offers extra power and clean diesel heating for the boater!

With the new GB burner system, the heater is able to burn existing diesels with even the lowest NOx and CO2 values. At the same time, it is ready for renewable motor diesels that meet the stricter environmental standards of the future. Thus, with the acquisition of Wallas, you can be sure of its future performance with the engine diesels of the future.

In terms of environmental friendliness, more and more parts made from recycled metals have been added to the new heaters, and individual parts of the appliance can be replaced, thus saving the environment by minimizing unnecessary replacements of extra units.

With the new fans and air control, the efficiency of the blowing power has also been increased, which has also improved the efficiency of the heater. The extra blowing power gives the boat more power and shorter drying time, saving fuel and electricity.

Thanks to the integrated outer shell with the 22D / DT and 30D / DT models, the 22GB and 30GB heater is easy to install in place of the old heater. making it easy to switch to a new one. At the same time, it retains good old properties for fresh air recycling in the boat and for installations.

The Wallas remote starter allows you to heat your boat remotely.

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