Victron Inverter/Charger 1600W/70A

Product no.: 0960500-0001[1] (Voltage: 12 volts)

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Victron Energy MultiPlus is a high quality inverter/charger combination. Lighting should always be made with 12V or 24V battery voltage. Power sockets are connected to the inverter output (out 230V) and generator to inverter input (in 230V). Normally the 230V inverter power goes now to the power sockets and when the aggregate is started, MultiPlus inverter/charger will start charging the batteries and also produce power which will now be led to the sockets. The MultiPlus also has a remote control option, so you can also shut down the machine to save idle power.


Design your own system and feel free to ask for advice. You can order all components from us, cheap and easy.

Product variations
12 volts
Voltage: 12 volts
1,090.00 €
24 volts
Voltage: 24 volts
1,090.00 €
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