Safety Switch Onnline 11kW 3x25A

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Side-swiveling polycarbonate and siluminium-enclosed switch
Safety switch 3 x 25 A 1S 4 x M25 IP54 gray / black
Enclosed safety switch complying with IEC 60947-2 for use as a load switch and disconnector where required. The safety switch marking is a separate label that is affixed to the cover when the switch is used as a safety switch. Swivel lockable lever on the side. There are two M25 bushings at the top and bottom of the housing. Grommets are included in the delivery. Housing color gray, lever color black.

impact-resistant polycarbonate housing
number of poles 3 + N + PE
the switch is equipped with one closing auxiliary contact
rated current 25 A AC23 A, 500 V
rated power 11 kW at 400 V
protection class IP54
the maximum cross-sectional area of the conductors is 6 mm²
cable glands 4 x M25
housing size 111 x 129 x 59 mm (W x H x D)
PE and N-rails as well as standard labeling stickers are included in the delivery.

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