Safire 23Di Cabin Heater

Safire 23Di Cabin Heater

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A ball of fire!

Safire 23Di is the most popular Safire heater – and no wonder. Its features fits like a glove to most of Finnish boats.

It is compact, quiet and consumes little battery power – like other Safire heaters. Due to its small size it suits well even to smaller boats but because of its capacity it suits extremely well to 6-8m motor boats and even to 8-9m sail boats. Its connections and shape makes it perfect to replace the old petroleum heater with a modern diesel heater. No wonder the 23Di is so popular. 

  • Widest power range of 0,7 to 2,1 kW and smallest power consumption 0,3-0,8 A/3,6-9,6 W
  • Brushless blower motors and extremely long operation life with a quiet and stable operating noise
  • Self diagnostics system determines the reason for a malfunction and it's easily resetable
  • Electronic thermostat automatically selects the required power level continuously
  • Smart PWM swithcing based motor control
  • Easy to install and convenient to use as well as an inexpensive maintenance even when done by self
  • Extremely small, only the size of a A4 sheet


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35.00 €
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50.00 €
Grommet for 28/45mm coaxial tube Grommet for 28/45mm coaxial tube
150.00 €
Hull grommet for 28/45mm coaxial tube Hull grommet for 28/45mm coaxial tube
110.00 €
Safire Basic Control Panel Safire Basic Control Panel
150.00 €
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