Safire 3200 Cottage Heater

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Safire cottage heater is completely odorless heater running on light fuel oil, so called "cottage webasto".

In the unit, the combustion gases are taken out and the power consumption is so small that it is suitable for solar panel systems.

In addition to the device, you need a fuel tank and a chimney passage or a wall lead-through.

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Väri: Valkoinen
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Väri: Musta
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Product Note Status Price
Safire Fuel Tank 30L Safire Fuel Tank 30L
35.00 €
Safire Wall Lead-through Safire Wall Lead-through
245.00 €
Safire Roof Lead-trough kit. Safire Roof Lead-trough kit.
50.00 €
Safire 1287B GSM Remote Control Unit Safire 1287B GSM Remote Control Unit
290.00 €
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