Solar Power Refrigerator 50L

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Compressor Refrigerator CoolXon 50
Capacity: 50L
Freezer: Optional
Dimensions: 460x490x505 (WxDxH)
Weight: 30 kg
Power consumption: 20 Ah/day
Color: White
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Many people think about using a normal 230V refrigerator and an inverter. Here's something to think about. Firstly, inductive load requires three times bigger inverter. Inductive power means engines and fluorescent lamps, that require a huge amount of electricity at start-up. 100W refrigerator barely starts running with a 300W inverter. Secondly, the efficiency of the inverters are reported at full load, i.e. if you take off 20% of the maximum power, the efficiency can be less than 50%. Thirdly, the refrigerator runs 30% of the time and 70% of the inverter consumes quite a bit of electricity in the idle flow just for nothing. That is, even if the 12-volt refrigerator costs three times the standard refrigerator, such as a gas fridge, it is worth investing. And the multifunctional refrigerators that operate on gas, 230 volts and 12 volts are not suitable for solar power systems at all because of the tenfold energy consumption. So you have to get a real 12-volt compressor fridge and you will of course get it from us. Here is a good 50-liter refrigerator. Delivery within Finland with Matkahuolto.

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