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Ready-made 6mm2 battery cable to use between a battery and a charge controller. Red cable with fuse holder and a DC-30A fuse included. Length 2m.


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Slow blow DC fuse 30-125 ampere.


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20A Solar Charge Controller is suitable for two 150W solar panels in 12V system and four 150W panels in 24V systems. User defined working voltage or automatic battery voltage identification (12V/24V). Battery type selection (Sealed, Gel,  Flooded/AGM). The controller can not be used with big (280W->) solar panels due to their high voltage.


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MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V max 260W, 24V max 520W.


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MPPT Solar Charge Controller 30A, 12V max 390W, 24V max 780W


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