Victron MPPT 15A Charge Controller 220W/12V, Bluetooth

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With Victron SmartSolar you can keep track of the situation and change the settings via the built-in bluetooth function.

Victron SmartSolar charge controller uses the latest MPPT technology and charges the battery with just the right voltage. SmartSolar maintains batteries and extends battery life.

Intelligent load output prevents battery damage. You can determine the voltage level where SmartSolar disconnects the load, preventing the battery from being fully discharged. And best of all, SmartSolar is trying to charge the batteries to 100% charge daily. For example, if it is not possible due to bad weather conditions, the system automatically shuts off the load at given level, and tries again later.

This BatteryLife feature ensures that the batteries are kept in optimum condition and extend the battery life.


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Victron Bluetooth Smart Dongle for VE.Direct port Victron Bluetooth Smart Dongle for VE.Direct port
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2m Battery Cable 2x2,5mm2 + Fuse 15A 2m Battery Cable 2x2,5mm2 + Fuse 15A
19.00 €
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