Amerisolar 290W Polycrystalline PERC Solar Panel

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Solar panel datasheet HERE.

The main use of 290W polycrystalline (24V) solar panels are in large solar systems. They are commonly used in On-Grid solar systems, where the voltage from the panels should be increased as much as possible. The panel can also be used in 12/24V cottage systems, in which case the panel needs an MPPT charge controller as a friend.


Solar panel power: 290W

Voltage: 24 V

Amp: 9.07 A (24 V)

Dimensions: 992 x 1640 x 35 mm

Weight: 17.9 kg


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Black Solar Panel End Mount 35mm Black Solar Panel End Mount 35mm
4.50 €
Black Solar Panel Middle Mount 35mm Black Solar Panel Middle Mount 35mm
4.50 €
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